When it comes to upping your fashion game, footwear is the ultimate show stopper. Whether you’re going for a holiday, going to work, running some errands or dressing up for a special occasion, your shoes put the quintessential final touch to your outfit. You may be under the assumption that high heels & ankle boots are required to make a statement – but ever wondered what if you chose sneakers instead?

Sneakers are chic, cute and comfortable! Trendy sneakers are making a comeback and not just in terms of Active-wear. These casual sneakers have been making regular appearances on the runaway in recent years. Models have been pulling off sneaker looks as fashion statements and so can you! We want to help you rock your sneakers with whatever you wear – from casual wear to jeans, skirts and even your party night outfits.

Don’t Let Your Socks Show

So if you’re going out dancing, spending the afternoon at lunch with your gals or heading to class or dressing for a casual work look and choose to wear sneakers, it all comes down to how you wear them. If you want a clean and trendy look, make sure you’re completely showing off your sneaks but not your socks! A visible pair of athletic or crew socks poking out over your ankles is not exactly the fashion statement you want to make. Opt for some low-rising socks that cannot be seen.

Pair Your Sneaker With A Short Skirt Or Dress

Choosing to wear a trendy pair of sneakers with a dress is no longer off limits! It is basically a modern way to show some sass and make an eccentric statement. When you are picking out your skirt/ dress make sure the hem length is right. Long flowy dresses or a skirt would not look good with sneakers. Going for miniskirts or a cute mini dress will make a great combo.

Choose Boot-Cut Or Skinny Pants

Sneakers are meant to be shown off. Don’t hide them behind flowy and baggy pants! Show off both your shape and sneakers by choosing to wear boot cut pants or slim fit jeans, as they will accentuate your silhouette and highlight your sneakers at the same time.

Show Some Ankle

We all buy expensive sneakers, and want them to stand out. Showing a little skin between your shoes and the bottom of your pants make you look chic and stylish at the same time.

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