So you got yourself a new pair of shoes which you still haven’t worn because they’re a little tight. And ah! The risk of blisters. Maybe your feet grew a size after pregnancy, or maybe your friend has given you a beautiful pair of shoes that don’t fit. You might wonder, what can be done in such situations. Well, you’d be relieved to know that most shoes can easily be stretched out to achieve the much needed toe-wiggling room. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to make small shoes bigger, if they’re too tight or narrow!

Stretch Shoes With A Stretching Tool

This is the most professional way of stretching your shoes at home by using a dedicated tool called the shoe stretcher. For those who are not aware, Shoe stretchers are a great tool for those of you who have problem feet and often cannot get the right shoes to fit. This is a great investment if you would use this time and again. Getting into the technicality, this fabulous tool can expand the width and/or the length of your shoes.

Stretch Shoes with Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol!)

We know rubbing alcohol might sound weird and different. It is a great way to break in new shoes that may require a minor stretch. All you need to do is wet a cotton ball with the rubbing alcohol, press it on the desired, tight area of the shoe. You need to immediately put on your shoes and walk around as the alcohol dries quickly and acts like a shoe stretcher when it’s wet.

Stretch Shoes With A Blow Dryer

If you want to indulge in a quick, mess-free fix to make your shoes/heels bigger and stretch them out, this option is for you. All you need to do is, wear your socks and then your shoes. Put your blow dryer on the hottest setting and blast it over the tight areas of your shoes. Simultaneously move your feet and wiggle your toes to stretch it out the tight areas, at last walk around in the shoes till it cools down.

Stretch Your Shoes In The Freezer

So the trick here is to fill a bag with water and place it into your shoes. As the water starts freezing and expanding it will also stretch your shoes by pushing against them. Simple science!

Simply Go To A Cobbler

We can all agree that getting your shoes stretched from a cobbler is obviously your safest route to pick. It is the right choice to make if you have only one pair of shoes to work on and you’d rather not invest in any of the fancy products.

We hope these hacks can help you fix your much loved shoes. Looking to avoid trying these hacks? Head over to SoleHead and shop some of our latest collections now for the right size. Also, do let us know in comments down below, if these hacks were helpful and suggest some more.

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