While people have numerous guilty pleasures, we would admit that our guilty pleasure is collecting shoes! Are you too, a shoe addict and have a dozen of pair of shoes and falling short of space to store them all?
Here’s how you can use a few hacks to help you with your storage.
From under bed shoe storage ideas to shoe storage boxes and racks, we’ve got a solution for homes that come in all sizes.

1.Reuse old wine crates.
You can recycle your old wine crates to store your shoes. You can paint them a fun or muted color, stack them side by side and use the tops to sit on while you put your shoes on, as long as the boxes are sturdy enough!

2.Use a pegged coat rack.
Using a pegged coat rack might be the most out-of-the-box idea so far. Attaching the rack at the bottom, behind your living room door and hanging your shoes is definitely creative and something different. This is the easiest and accessible method to store your stilettos. Just hang in there, and wear your favorite pair whenever you feel like!

3. Make your own PVC-pipe shoe rack.
You could cut out PVC pipes in proper shapes and sizes and with a little glue attach them to your wall. Simply placing your shoes in them gives it quite an extraordinary look to your household. Coloring the pipes according to your room colors will make it blend into it.

4. Paint cans nailed into the wall.
Hanging up paint cans is a bright idea but remember to make sure their steady. This hack is perfect to store slippers and flats as there is not much space to fit in wedges or high heels.

5. Use a large picture frame as a slide-out shoe drawer.
Keeping your shoes under your bed keeps your shoes protected from dust and from getting crushed in the closet. It organizes footwear without taking up any usable floor space. All you have to do is slide it easily under a bed, or other piece of furniture of the same height. Now that you have learned these hacks there is definite room for more shoes. Buy them now at https://solehead.in/

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