There are two types of shoes. The kind that you turn to again and again, year after year, occasion after occasion and the kind that are utterly thrilling in their beauty. But while the latter category certainly elicits more excitement, it’s the former that’s really going to get you through life. So for those who suffer from footwear-specific “I have nothing to wear” syndrome, we’ve broken down the only five pairs of shoes you’ll ever need for anything that comes your way.
Here are the 5 pairs of shoes you must own.


A pair of heels is the most essential in any woman’s wardrobe. Even if you’re keen on heels or hate them you need to have them, particularly black heels. They might either be created from suede material or from leather. Black heels look extremely stylish and might fully up your vogue game, in spite of the occasion. If you are celebrating, there’s no higher approach you can think about than storming the party dressed well and carrying a stunning combination of strapped heels. Heels are certain to bring out the fierce, feminine side of you.

Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes can be worn whether you’re in a dress, skinny jeans, a skirt or perhaps shorts, a cute combination of solid colored flats do justice to all or any these outfits, and more. Having a pair of fine quality ballet flats handy is often a decent plan.


Flat sandals are very comfy and can be worn anywhere and with anything. This is without a doubt a must have for each lady out there. A daily and simple wear. Flats have an endless collection selection to them – Be it colorful, poms poms or tassels, you can style it with any outfit. The choice is endless once it involves selecting a combination of sandals, with such a big amount of completely different styles, colors and textures you’ll be confused for selection. Why not grab one and rock a unique look every day. It is best for casual wear!


If you have to stand for a concert or party, these wedges are perfect for showing off your style while not causing harm to your feet. Wedges are shoes that stand tall at the front, and even taller at the rear. Best of all, the heels covers the complete bottom of the shoe for total simple movement. A well groomed outfit together with a wedge will uplift your entire look and create it excellent for day to nighttime.


Sneakers are the best when you’re on the go or when you have a busy schedule which involves a lot of physical activity. A pair of sneakers can get you through your entire day with the comfort you deserve. Whether it’s the gym or a long day shopping at the mall. Sneakers can be your official travel buddy.

Heels, Ballet shoes, Sandals, Wedges and Sneakers are the most essential pairs of shoes you should have in your closet. Make sure you have a pair of your own—and if not, shop these styles on

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