Who doesn’t love winter? It’s the best time of the year and our personal favourite too. The cold mornings, pleasant afternoons and chilled nights are perfect to relax and snuggle up. It’s the season where all your winter wear is most needed. The sweaters, mufflers, monkey caps etc. are all set to get you warmed up. All you want to do is just snuggle up in your bed and sleep all day long. But are you one of those style addicts who cannot let go of winter season as well as the seasonal parties?

Now that the holiday season has started to set in, we can only imagine the number of late-night parties that are lined up. And the more festive the party, the more stylish and classier your cocktail party attire should be! Oh, don’t forget your shoes, they are the most important part as you glam up in your cocktail dresses this winter season.

Here’s a curated list of the best stylish, comfortable and Oh so seasonal shoes that you can match with all your cocktail dresses in winter.

1. Stilettos for simple and sleek Cocktail dresses.

If you are planning to wear a simple, clean-lined cocktail dress with not much jazz, you can opt for our glittery and thoroughly jewelled stilettos. The simpler the dress the more your shoes stand out. Even strappy heels will make a statement here. Sink your heart and feet into the party spirit with our wide collection of stilettos in rose gold, black and many more eye-catching colours.

2. Let the Boots out!

Boots are here to add a lot of drama to your winter look. Let the people around you know the vogue you carry with extremely stylish and finished boots. Pair your boots with any of your simple cocktail dresses and look fabulous for your holiday party. Pick any colour; red, beige, silver, we are sure you will freeze the dance floor.

3. Fashionista’s swear black is the perfect winter wear.

Its Christmas season, and we are sure you have shopped to your heart’s content with stunning and glittery golden, red, green dresses. But what you missed are the right pair of winter shoes that would match with these colours. Don’t worry, we got you covered. A safe bet for all seasons and especially for winter is our ever-classic black collection. Heels, bellies, boots are all available under one roof. Shop them now on our website.

4. Keep ‘em covered, with Bellies.

It’s advised that in winters the best way to keep your feet safe is to not show off your toes. So hop into some comfortable ballets. They are just the perfect pair to wear on any occasion. They also look great with cocktail dresses either simple or heavy. Perfect your winter wear with ballets from Sole Head.

This winter don’t fear to wear that stunning cocktail dress of yours and pair it with any of our Sole Head shoes. You can try black pointed pumps, minimal beige heels, ankle booties and stilettos. Enjoy the season with hot chocolate as you scroll through our winter collection at https://solehead.in/.

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