In this breakneck speedy life, we hardly get time to pamper ourselves. We are always in a rush and hence overlook what our feet go through. We put a lot of strain on our feet every day and hardly pay attention towards them; but since you’ve finally got time to be home and polish on some of your skill sets, why not take care and pamper your feet too!

The least we can do is cater some love and care to them. As we often keep procrastinating pedicure sessions as we are busy, tired or simply can’t make get to the spa. Now is the time, you can make your home your salon and

give your feet a much-needed break.

Read on, Sole Head offers you these simple and easy care from home tips for your happy feet:

1.De-tan at home

As we are always wearing our favourite shoes around there might be a possibility of tan lines that can end up looking bad on your feet especially when you want to flaunt them. Take this chance, and remove those shoe tans

from your feet with an easy and simple scrub. Exfoliate your feet with an amazing lemon and sugar scrub. Squeeze a little lemon and add one tablespoon sugar and ta-da there you go with a smooth and glowing look to your feet.

2.Enjoy a spa and clean your feet the right way

Think your feet need cleaning and pampering? Clean them the right way with soaking your feet into warm water and a bit of your shower gel. Lather up and soak your feet into it for a good 30 minutes. Listen to some soothing music and clean your feet with a pumice stone and there you go with your in-house feet clean up.


With cleaning and de-tanning your feet require moisturizing too. Pack a punch with banana, lemon and honey and apply it to your dry feet. Relax and let it stay for half an hour. After all, your feet have finally got some time to rest. Pamper them and yourself by staying in-house!

4.Soak your feet at home

What’s better than soaking your feet under the comfort of your house rather than a spa? You can maintain hygiene and also brush off the fright of getting infected anyhow. Get the perfect me-time, with a soothing and rejuvenating foot spa at home. Fill some lukewarm water and add up some salt, relax as you keep your feet soaked in water. Stay at home and enjoy a perfect DIY pampering for your feet. And if you want to make them look more stunning head over to Sole Head and shop for some comfortable and stylish footwear from our latest collection.

Sit back and relax, shop from the comfort of your home!

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