We all look forward to spa time and giving our feet a relaxing foot spa. Just like your tired feet, your shoes deserve a spa too! So this month give your precious shoes a spa and pamper them with a wonderful range of shoe care products available. They say subconsciously people always tend to notice our shoes first, so why not choose to wear clean and tidy ones rather than untidy and shabby shoes.

P.S: All shoe care products have the right amount of chemicals so that the quality of your shoes don’t deteriorate.

Clean Shoes

Ahh! Getting your shoes stamped is the most annoying thing, we can all agree right? Now the question is how we get rid of those ugly stamp patches or stains? Scrubbing is definitely a bad idea as there is a risk of your shoes getting worn out. Cleaning shampoos are great and so easy to use. Your shoes will become spotless in no given time. This shampoo can be used on all types of shoes! Release some on your hand and gently rub on the stained area of the shoe.

Crème Luxe

We love our leather goods, don’t we! But maintaining leather shoes is a task on its own. So instead of removing these items and wearing them on special occasions you can use assorted crème luxe which is specifically made for leather shoes, bags or any other articles. Take some of it on a piece of cotton cloth and add a few drops of the product and leave it on the shoe/bag overnight for best results.

Hydro Shield

You can get the hint already! This is a waterproof spray for your smooth, suede, nubuck leather bags, jackets and shoes. This spray acts like a protective shield for your shoes against water, dust and oil. All you have to do is spray it on the shoes that need fixing from approximately 15-20 cm away. Use regularly for better results.

Shoe Deo

You may find your shoes sticky and smelly with some unpleasant odour. This is definitely a turn off on many levels. Stinky shoes often have a high chance of fungal and bacterial growth in it. A Shoe Deo is super effective because it has different fragrances, mainly citrus. This can be sprayed on absolutely any type of shoe. So girls, say goodbye to your stinky and smelly shoes and hello to your clean smelling shoes.

We at Solehead, care for your feet and your shoes so that you look good at all times. Get your hands on these amazing shoe care products and take care of your lovely footwear. Have more tips? Do leave it the comments below.

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