Are you frustrated with tumbling, stumbling and slipping in your new shoes or sandals? Skip the slip! Because we have curated a list of best tips and tricks to make your shoes less slippery.

We completely understand how embarrassing it is when you lose balance, slip or fall in your favourite pair of heels and shoes. It’s definitely not because you can’t walk in them but because they are slippery. After all, when we go shoe shopping the basic things we look for is the colour of the shoe, the style and the fit. But what we fail to check is the sole of the shoe. Yes! Checking the sole before purchasing shoes is a factor you should consider.

New shoes, especially those with leather and plastic have slippery soles as compared to old shoes which are worn out. Who likes to buy new shoes especially when they constantly make you slip? Luckily, there are plenty of ways through which you can enjoy buying and stacking up the rack with plenty of new shoes with these easy tricks.

1. Scrape the soles with sandpaper:

Scared of slipping in your shiny new pair of heels? All you need to do is get sandpaper and just rub the smooth surface of your shoe with the sandpaper. Touch the floor until they develop a rough and textured feel.

2. Scuff your shoes on an uneven surface:

If you have a fresh and new pair of shoes, we are quite sure that they are slippery because you have just bought them and their soles are perfectly smooth and unworn. What they need is a little more grip, hence, try walking on rough ground for instance gravel, rocks, boulders, textured metal grates or walkways. This will allow the sole to soften and will allow them to make better contact with the floor.

3. Use a Nail Filer

If you don’t have sandpaper use your nail filer instead. This will work just fine, all you need to do is scuff the filer over the smooth, flat surface of your shoe that comes in contact with the ground. This will give your shoes a texture and will make your shoes less slippery. You can use the metal files as well as the sandpaper ones.

4. Stick bandages.

Heal your heels with bandages. Who said that bandages were just for injuries? Try sticking 2 or more (depending on the smoothness of the sole) bandages on the surface of your sole. This tip is a huge help. By placing the bandage on the adhesive side on your sole, the rough surface of the Band-Aid will provide grip on the floor and prevent you from slipping.

We would recommend everyone to keep a Band-Aid, as it not only provides a grip but also helps to prevent blisters and make heels more comfortable!

While there are many more tips and tricks that will help you to Skip the Slip, the common ones are using hairspray, masking tape, adhesive sprays, sand and glue, puff paint etc.

But if you want to avoid the hassle of slippery shoes and walk without the fear of slipping or tumbling down you can buy some of the most comfortable shoes on

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