From a number of choices available at Sole Head we have got an array of choices available for you.

Gone are the days when getting your hands on the trendiest shoes was a tough choice. Sole Head offers you a classic range of sneakers and ballerinas that are the most comfortable pair to stock for casuals as well as occasional wear.

If your obsession with sneakers and bellies run deep, you are in luck. From classically detailed sneakers to glittery and minimally designed bellies, Sole Head is overjoyed to announce the shoe for the month which ensure a unique style to match every woman’s liking. Give an upgrade to your old collection of sneakers with these must have shoes of classic sneakers and a spectacular range of bellies.

1. Sole Head pink and grey sneakers.

The super comfortable and classic pair of sneakers are a must-have. Sole Head has placed these on the list of shoes for the month as they are extra comfortable with sporty designs. These shoes have been uniquely designed to help a range of runners and if you’re one then these shoes are a perfect match for you. They are constructed of soft and responsive foam. They are a great choice for workwear and casual styling too.

2. Coffee ballerinas for women.

Every season has their own time to celebrate and style accordingly. But if there is anything that is constant and always in trend are our personal favourite, ballerinas.

With the huge collection of some of the finest and classic ballerinas, Sole Head has chosen a few of the ballet shoes that have swept all the other back in the line. One of them is the coffee brown ballerina for women.

These are so stylish and versatile that they can be worn with any outfit of your choice. Rock your look with this pair as they are surely going to be your forever favourite.

3. White & Pink Heel Ballerinas

Ballerinas are known for their finishing and clean, slim look. They look the best when you pair them up with streamlined and clean silhouettes. Sole Head’s monthly edit recommends these pair as they come with a slight heel to lift you up and boost your style game.

Get these star for the month shoes now on A lot awaits you as you scroll through our galaxy of shoes and stylish heels curated just for you.

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