Our shoes are always on the run, and just like anything else shoes also have a tendency to break at the most unexpected time. We all have faced that moment of hard luck when our shoes gave away, and we were left with no other option than fixing it ourselves!
It is heart breaking when your favourite pair of shoes end up with broken heels, scuff marks, floppy soles, or broken straps. Some might decide to discard them but for the shoe addicts who can never let go of their favourite, here are a few hacks we have listed down that will help you fix them.

1. Glue your floppy soles
This is the most common problem that most of us face. It is really annoying when the sole of your shoe detaches from the bottom. You can go to a cobbler and get it fixed but another way of fixing it before being late for your party is to stick it up with glue. Wedges and flats can be easily pasted and are ready to be worn out in just a few minutes after the glue dries. Before you wear them always see to it that the bottom is bonded and water tight.

2. Fix Broken heels with Glitter
It is really upsetting when those pricey stilettos and heels break down. Rather than having an unsteady walk you can quickly fix the heels with glue and to hide the glue marks you can add some glitter on your high heels. This will not only revamp your heels but will also give an outstanding look!

3. Sew your Broken Straps
The best hack towards mending your broken strap is to do it yourself. A heavy machine can punch right through the leather strap but if you don’t have one you can stitch the broken strap just with a needle and thread. Unfortunately, this hack might be visible to people once they take a close look. Hence, you can add some accessories like flower hair clips and put them over the strap. Your shoes are sure to get a new flair look. You can also use ribbons and vintage brooches.

4. Rubber bands to tighten your boots
Old boots have the tendency to loosen their grip. A simple hack to tighten your boots and make them firm when you wear them is by rolling up a rubber band. You can use a rubber band with the same colour as your boots and flaunt them effortlessly.
Whether, it’s your pair of comfortable flip-flops, wedges, block heels or Stilettos- these hacks can help you extend the life of many shoes from your collection. Instead of throwing the pair of shoes directly you can work towards fixing them and when the time come, where you have to give up on them because they are completely worn out, step over to Sole Head we have got some stunning pair of shoes waiting to be worn by you!

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