Priyanka Chopra – international as well as India’s shining diva, Oprah Winfrey – American media personality, Theresa May – British Prime Minister, Marilyn Monroe – Legendary Hollywood star; these are some famous boss ladies who have one thing in common and that is their love for shoes. Confident, strong and versatile – these women are the examples of a boss woman in their own way. The last decade saw a rise in powerful women who raised her voice high and loud, who uplifted herself to conquer the world and face all the obstacles that come her way. In this journey of becoming a Boss Lady, power yourself with bold and confident shoes and take over the world one step at a time. Sole Head is proud to see women excel in every field and believes that for keeping the right grip on your way up, you need shoes that will support you on your way up!

Here are a few power loaded shoes that are apt for the boss lady in you.

1. Classic Stilettos to get you high up in life.

Nothing can define your boss lady looks more than a classy pair of stilettos. Make your presence felt with a dashing pair of glossy black stilettos. It is certain to boost up your confidence in a conference or a corporate meeting. Check out our wide range of high heels and stilettos from Sole Head. They are comfortable as well as versatile and will totally display your sense of style.

2. Formal pumps to get you on the pedestal

Revamp your formal footwear with a pair of chic and comfortable pumps. Kitten pumps have the perfect height for daily office use. Pumps give you a good posture, extended height and the right confidence for meetings and handling work stress.

3. Sneakers come with comfort at work

The unconventional option is becoming mainstream. A pair of stylish white sneakers are the most comfortable option from the list. However, these will be suitable for office who do not have strict office codes and flexible dressing code. You can pair up sneakers with any of the outfits from your wardrobe. You can transform anything formal into semi-formal or casual with a pair of classy sneakers.

4. Wedges that will always support you – Elegant. Formal. Versatile.

A pair of wedges can transform your look into a more polished one instantly. They are perfect for every day glam. Wear the goodness of these strong and solid wedges to your workplace and feel calm even at the time of crisis.

5. Gladiators for the warrior in you

Women are true warriors who fight through thick and thin. What is more stylish and fitting than a pair of uptight gladiators for today’s women? Commanding, comforting and strong get ready for that one interview or conference you wish to crack.

It doesn’t matter if you are that corporate chic that wears skirts and fitting shirts to the office or the creative head that believes work is fun and loves to dress up in tees and jeans. These shoes will help you at every step of your life. Get them now at

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