Shoes to carry on a vacation

Planning a vacation is always a tough task. From choosing a location to planning your daily outfits, when you have finally figured everything what most of us forget to figure out is, our Shoes! Packing the right pair of shoes for our vacation shoots up our stress level from zero to 100, right?
To ease your packing woes with the right shoes, we have curated a list of the most comfortable as well as stylish shoes you can carry on your vacation. From a pack of travel-friendly sneakers to stylish heels that are perfect for late-night parties, read on to see what you should carry while you travel.

1. Colourful Flat Sandal
These stylish, as well as extremely comfortable flat sandals, are a great pair for any destination you choose for your vacation. They match best with casual outfits as well as traditional kurtas. Explore as much as you want without the fear of blisters in these flat sandals. Check out more on

2. Black Wedges

Your hunt for trendy and most comfortable wedges come to an end! If you’re looking for a pair of shoes with just the right amount of heel and comfortable to walk without giving your feet more pain. Wedges are the best to carry. Match these classic black wedges with any outfit and be ready to enjoy your vacation without any hurdles. Click on to check out our travel wedges collection

3. Ballet flats
Minimal yet high on style. We would recommend you to pack a pair of ballet flats for any trip as they can be worn on casual dinners and parties as well. Ballets are the comfiest pair of shoes that will help you explore your favourite destination.

4. Flip flops
Flips flops are a must for travellers, especially if you are staying in hostels. They are a perfect pair to be worn on beaches. Dust of all the sand and turn to adventures with the most comfortable and trendy flip flops. These offer excellent walking comfort along with a firm grip on the ground.

5. Hiking & Running Boots
Are you a person who is serious about exploring outdoors? Then there are a necessary pair of boots that you must carry. But if you are light hiker then a good pair of running shoes might fill the bill.

We understand how difficult it is to pack a limited pair of shoes. When it comes to travel shoes, being practical is usually better unless if you are travelling for an event or work. High heels and other shoes that are difficult to walk in for long periods of time do not tend to make the cut.
The best thing is to think about the main purpose of shoes you might need for your intended trip style, and then figure out which ones could potentially be done without.

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