Shoes for your mood

If good food can light up a man’s mood, then good shoes can light up every girl’s mood.

We can never be sure of our moods because they change faster than the seasons. Ever felt gloomy and dejected for a minute and then happy and outgoing after a few seconds? We just can’t be sure of our moods as they keep on fluctuating every minute. There are times when you feel extremely uninterested in talking and wish someone else could do it on your behalf, so why not let our shoes speak for you!

Shoes from Sole Head has the power to speak louder than your feeling and are best to describe your mood for each and every day.

Ever noticed that when you change your daily shoes, you transform into a new person? Well, that’s because shoes play an important role in your day-to-day life. A perfect pair of shoes can either glam up your entire look or just bring it down. So why not shop these shoes that belong to your every mood 🙂

1. Heels for when you feel sweet and sexy

Planning a night out or going on a romantic date with your significant other? Well, then what else do you need than a pair of blingy high heels and stilettos. We know that you are in a mood of being sweet and up to the point and hence we have a wide collection of glittery as well as high heel sandals. Go check them out now on

2. Flats for the laid back soul

It feels awful when your friends and family make impromptu plans for dinner or a party. It’s much worse, especially on the days when you are lazy and do not wish to step out of your house, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry Flats sandals from Sole Head are here for the rescue. Just pair these lovely colourful flats with a simple kurta or denim or a maxi dress and tadaaa, there you go all dolled up for the evening.

3. Sneakers for when you feel Adventurous & Sporty

Is trekking or exploring the city, your mood for today? Then you must totally check out our pair of sneakers or flip-flops. They are just the right pair of shoes for your adventurous and free soul. Hit the roads and venture into the high-quality sole of our sneakers and flip-flops which provide comfort and are trendy as well. Shop now from Sole Head.

4. Wedges & ballets for when you are in a mood to Hustle

We have got something for everyone at Sole Head and how could we miss the workaholics. For the ones who have work on their mind for most of the time and are totally unapologetic about it, wedges and ballets are an undoubted match for you. Pair any stylish pair of block heels or wedges with your formals and show off the boss lady within you. Ballets can do wonders if you want to feel comfortable and homely at your workplace.

So ladies, go get your favourite pair of shoes and let them speak volumes for you and your mood. Have a look at our wide collection of trendy and fashionable shoes and add one or more to your shopping cart.

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