The start of a new decade surely calls for a new pair of stompers. So as you scoop up into 2020, we have got you some interesting shoe styles that you can shop according to your sun sign. Yes, the cosmos have spoken. We might not be great with astrology, but we surely have some shoes that can fit you just like your personality.

You might be a strong-headed Leo, a free-spirited Piscean or a mysterious Scorpio; we have something for all of you. As Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world”. And what better than your sun signs to depict what shoes suit you the best. So, keep scrolling and check out your sole-mate according to your Zodiac sign.


For the feisty and fearless Aries who like to slay like a boss and make up their own rules, you can wear those loud and glamorous boots. Aries is the ones that ooze with confidence hence a pair of gladiators will also resonate with your inner achiever.


Taurus are the ones who do not have a personality of shying away from the limelight. You are a complete shopaholic who wants to stay up to date with style. We recommend you to try on our heeled slip-ons and stunning pumps to tower inches above the rest.


A Gemini will always like to strut in a room with her irresistible aura. You are trendy and are bound to attract many eyeballs. So, slip into some classy black or coloured stilettos, they are an ideal pair of shoes to wear, as a free-spirited woman never wants anything basic.


Cancerians are timeless, classic and practical kinds. A Cancerian women would love the old-school style game, which is classic and comfortable. A pair of loafers, bellies, or flats is recommended. This will make your outfit look polished as well as suit your taste.


Leo’s are known for their powerful personality they are assertive yet gloomy. Leo women have the aura of striking the right balance of being bold and benevolent. Hence, wedges are a perfect match and the most recommended pair of shoes. They provide height with confidence and the right proportion of feminine posture.


Virgos are considered to be the best dressed and styled women out of all zodiac signs. They are the most efficient and ought to take every decision with practicality and easy. And to ease your choices in shoes, Ballerinas are the best style statement for your everyday use. Sole Head has a collection of stylish and multifunctional ballerinas that you must check out.


The extroverts deserve something that’s worthy of every social gathering they go to. Get yourself a pair of comfortable heels that can ease you into every conversation giving you the right balance of being sophisticated and fun.


With a wild heart and a passionate personality, Scorpions are said to be ahead of fashion. They cannot let go of their strappy stilettos. A shade of nude, black-white with embedded studs and shimmer are a perfect fit for Scorpios.


Sagittarians, as we all know, are travel junkies and to keep their spirit of travel and explore high, a pair of comfortable sneakers or boots are best. Get ready to lead the fashion pack as you chase your dreams with stylish boots from Sole Head.


Capricorn women are boastful about their productiveness and creativity. Get a pair of black pumps that will match your bold opinions and make you feel focused and more determined.


Aquarians are free-spirited and powerful in their own way. Nothing can scream strong independent women better than high heels with glitter and embedded studs. Get them now from Sole Head.


A Piscean is an introvert, artistic and yet traditional. A Pisces girl does not like to experiment with bold choices in shoes, colors and style. So, a pair of wedges, standard heels and comfortable flats will make you look stylish and comfortable.

Now that you know which shoes suits your zodiac sign, get the ideal pair now from

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