There’s always a reason why classics are classic; it’s because they work, and they keep working. So, is the colour black. It’s the colour of power and strength. It can be worn at any time and at any age.

As we all know that shoes are the most important pair of accessories to lift your outfit, we think that the right type of shoes can really lift your little black dress to a whole new level. And, what are the best shoes to wear with your pretty black dress, you ask?

Well, not every shoe can fit the bill of matching your perfect black dress. Here are a few shoe types that you can pair with your outfit. Because let’s face it, your black outfit will look wonderful with oh so many shoes!

We’ve compiled a guide of all the footwear that will suit the length and style of your black dress. And will help you style your black dress with the best shoes for any occasion.

1. Sneakers

If you are planning to get a casual and informal look. A pair of gold, colourful and fashionable sneakers are perfect for your little black dress. Sneakers are particularly cute to pair with your fabulous black dress. From desk dressing to running errands, they are one of the best choice.

2. High boots

Boots preferably in black, grey or gold will uplift your black dress. Over the knees boots or even higher than that will look stunning on your little black dress. Ankle length boots are also increasingly in trend and are super comfortable regardless the season. Rock your corporate look with a pair of black boots from Sole Head.

3. Gladiator heels

Gladiator heels don’t just look great but also feel great. The best part about these heels is that they provide you with extra support and fits more comfortably. So, if you are planning to attend a party, these are the best to pair with your long high slit black dress or a black cocktail dress. Get your pair of shiny and glossy heels now from Sole Head.

4. Glamorous Stilettos Pumps

With a sleek pointy toe and sexy heels, stilettos will never let you go wrong with your style game. Be it a fancy party or a gala wedding, style your outfit with any colour and skinny heeled pumps. This will make your outfit even more sensational.

5. Minimal sandals

Try out some minimal heels or flat sandals on a black dress which is heavy on design or studs. Usually one slight strap paired with a similar ankle strap heels are the best shoes to pair your outfit with and get a center stage. It will give you height while allowing your dress to take more attention.

So, if you were wondering what shoes to wear with a black dress, we hope you now have an idea about shoe type and dress pairing. Be it black or any other colour, shoes do make a difference!

So, wear the most loved outfit from your wardrobe and style it with some of the most stunning shoes from Sole Head.

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