It’s a hot summer day and you want to wear something bright and fresh, what’s better than a simple and sweet white dress? But the bigger question is what style of shoes and colours would go best with it!

At Sole Head, we believe white dresses are more personal and much more of a fashion risk compared to any other coloured dresses. Hence, styling a white dress with the right shoes can be really challenging. Many of you will agree with us when we say, ‘Nothing gives you a rich and nonchalant vibe than the colour white’. So, if you plan to dress up in any of your white dresses, believe us your options are much greater than you might have initially thought.

1. White dress in Black shoes

Team up your white dress with a pair of bold black heels. No matter how bright or off-white the colour of your dress is, it will always look great with black shoes. It will help you keep things classy without dulling the sparkle of your dress.

2. White dress in Beige shoes

By choosing to wear a plain white dress, you have chosen the safest option by carrying the entire outfit with a subtle look, beige heels are the most versatile in terms of its colour palette. They are casual and relaxed at the same time very trendy and fashionable that works with white without overpowering it. Pair your slim fit white dress with any of our beige pumps or heels and experience a distinguished modern look.

3. White dress in Metallic shoes

Add that extra shimmer with gold/silver metallic heels or gladiators which will help you dress up the simplest white dress seamlessly. Hit the perfect twist with metallic shoes to an all-white party by pairing them with an elegant white gown or a steamy white dress.

4. White dress in Brown shoes

Brown colour shoes are a fantastic choice to wear with a white dress. The earthy hues shoe fit just right with your classy white dress. The combination of brown and white feel as natural as sun and sea. The colour is a great neutral tone which will suit your crisp white frock and guess what these brown Sole Head picks can be improvised into a summery boho style too.

5. White dress in bright colour shoes

When you opt to wear a simple white dress, let your shoes have all the attention, with a pair of coloured heels. Let your style stand out with bold and beautiful colours. These heels will look very chic and catchy at the same time.

Just because your dress happens to be modest, doesn’t mean even your shoes have to be! Head over to and shop all our best footwear that will amp up the glamour factor and look fabulous on your white dress.

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