“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far superior, and they always have been.” – William Golding.

The quote speaks volumes and how can one not agree?

We all might be aware that 8th March is women’s day but how many of us know the purpose of this day? It is the day we celebrate women all over the world. They are recognized for their hard work not just in a specific field but even in ethnic, cultural, linguistic, economic and political aspects. We want you ladies to go and put your foot ahead in the best footwear that would empower you in all your endeavors. Browse through our collection for powerful shoes which are super easy on the feet.

1. Sneakers for the sporty ones

A pair of stylish sneakers can never go wrong! They fit any occasion be it semi-formal or casual, making it the most convenient to invest in. Sneakers are often very comfortable to wear, and they add a sense of confidence to the outfit. Pastel colors are very in, black and white too. Check them out at www.solehead.in

2. Stiletto’s for the Fashionista’s

An admirable pair of stilettos add that extra bling to any outfit to make it look elegant and sophisticated at the same time. One of the main reasons people should own a pair of stilettos is that they make you look slim and gives you a nice definite height. Eye-catching footwear always attracts attention and what more can empower a woman. A pair of silver heels or gold can instantly make you look like the center of attraction.

3. Ballerinas for the go-getters

Ballerinas are a great choice for formals or even for subtle chic occasions. They go great on pastel outfits. Working women often need appropriate formal shoes in order to make an impression. Our ballerinas are perfect to empower women to take over the world like a boss. Sole Head’s beige coloured heel ballerinas are a perfect choice if you are in the corporate world always attending meetings and formal functions.

4. Flats for the multi-tasker

This women’s day, drop everything and choose to go casual with our simple as well as quirky flats. With multiple things to accomplish in a day, flats will be your best companion to get through with them. Sole Head’s collection of black sandals is much popular and the colour being universal will go with every outfit.

5. Embellished footwear for the Show-stoppers

Shoes that have embellishments with gold and bling add extra jazz to the outfit which makes one stand out giving them an extra kick of confidence. Sole Head’s options are very vast! Our best picks would be the gold heels, copper heels and rose gold heels. They are perfect for festive seasons and weddings, making it an ideal option to go for.

So make your day special with our range of selected footwear that can empower you in every way. Choose your most loved outfit and pair it with the right pair of shoes and make every day count.

After all, at Sole Head every day is Women’s Day.

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