You walk towards your wardrobe and pull out that beautiful red dress which you have been saving to wear, you have got your jewelry and accessories ready but wait, have you got your shoes? Choosing a red dress is quite easy but choosing the right pair of shoes might be a tricky task. Get ready to embrace the perfect today with Sole Head’s guide. We absolutely know which pair of shoes will compliment your bold red dress look.
Here are a few shoes that will add a dazzling edge to your red dress.

1. Golden Heels

Our absolute favourite pick which is a bold golden pair of heels. These heels define supremacy and elegance. You can pair these shimmer gold heels with any of your sparkling red dresses from your wardrobe. A flat gladiator sandal will also look stunning on a casual streamlined or Bohemian styled dress. Check out the range of gold heels now on

2. Beige Pumps

By wearing a red dress, you have decided to stand out of the crowd. To compliment your dress, go subtle with your shoes but yet noticeable. A pair of beige, nude or blush shoes you will just fit the bill. These neutral colours have an aura of their own. No matter what shade of nude or beige you decide upon, but it is surely our favourite match for a red dress. Get these wedges now from Sole Head.

3. Black heels

Tell us a better option than a black pair of shoes on your red dress! Black is a colour that goes with almost all the outfits. They effortlessly create a contrast when compared to your red dress. Heels, ballets, wedges pick any pair of black shoes, they are sure to slay your red dress. You can even try out a pair of strappy heels or boots on your short slim-fit red dress.

4. Shoes with embellishments

Wearing heavily embellished shoes on your loud and glittery red dress can prove to be an overdose for some. But you can definitely try pairing some pretty embellished shoes with a plain red dress. It will add up to your looks and help you steal all the thunder.
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5. Go ahead with Red red

Yes! You read it right.
You can wear a pair of red shoes on your beautiful red dress. It is a subjective styling decision of course, but it’s all a matter of confidence. You think you can carry it? Well then, we feel a pair of red shoes will definitely complement your look. Make sure you go for a minimal pair of shoes. A simple high heel or a strappy stiletto sandal of the same colour or a darker shade (like a deep burgundy or wine shade) of your dress will look.
So, let your red dress stand out and speak for itself by adding glam with Sole Head shoes. We hope you have got your answers on which Sole Head shoes you could pick for a red dress. Have any thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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