“Try on all options and, like Cinderella, make sure you choose the shoes that fit you perfectly.”

Walking in heels is every girl’s obsession, but walking in high heels and stilettos are not every girl’s cup of tea. Walking in high pointed heels conjures up images of supermodels stomping down runways with flawless ease. However, walking with high heels in real life is much different.

Since you are here, we are sure you have a knack of walking in high heels. Once you get the basics right, it’s something that you can do without thinking and it’s a skill that you will never forget. So, get that pair of heels that you hardly ever wear out from your closet as it’s time to strut along with confidence in your highest heels, don’t you worry we’ve got your back and your ankles!

Follow these easy steps and practice them to walk in high heels like a pro:

1. Start low

If you are completely a novice to the idea of high stilettos then start with a 3 inch or 4 inch heels which will help you learn faster and better. Broken ankles are so not chic hence take a pair of heels you can stand straight with confidence.

2. Take small steps

Every step you take matters. To walk like a pro you must make sure that each step you take should be small and graceful. Be careful not to overextend yourself with long, quick strides. Wearing heels, naturally makes your strides shorter and this will lead you to take more steps than usual.

3. Heel first then toe

When walking in heels – step with your heel first and then toe. This looks the best and gives you more balance. This technique will make your pace look more natural. When the arch of your foot takes on your weight, tilt it forward, as if tiptoeing, and then take the next step.

4. Chill in your heels

Rigorous walking can cause strain on your ankles and blisters on your feet. So, calm down for a while and rest. Give yourself a break from time to time. Don’t take off your shoes as your tired feet may swell and to put them back again might be painful.

5. Pick the right size

Nothing will save your gait if you’re wearing too-tight shoes, so never ever buy high heels even if they are a little tight to your feet. Always choose a pair that is a little loose and gives your feet some air to breathe. You can also opt for heels with an ankle strap, this will help you balance well and walk gracefully. You can check out our wide variety of high heels and stilettos that will fit right to your shoe size.

Lastly, the most important thing is to not lose your confidence and show off your stunning pair of heels. So, start tic toking in your favourite pair or get them now on https://solehead.in/

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