Do you often wonder about the possible shoes that would go with your pretty light blue dress? Well, we’re here to help you! This blog solves the mystery of what shoes will work best with a light blue, baby blue, powder blue, sky blue or icy blue dress. Keep reading to find helpful tips on how you can choose the right pair of shoes for your dress.

As we all know light blue dresses are subtle yet elegant at the same time. They make perfect bridesmaid dresses, or for cocktail parties and are perfect for a tea party look too. There are so many baby blue dresses to choose ranging from satin dresses, to floral looks, to pretty lace looks. We want to help you choose the right shoes while you put together an outfit with your light blue as a combo. So go ahead and pick what you like according to your personal preferences.

A Stylish Light Blue Satin Dress with Elegant Black Heels

The great part of choosing black heels to complete your outfit is that, black heels suit every outfit. An occasion idea for this outfit would be a cocktail party. These black strappy sandals would contrast well with your baby blue satin dress, but not too much. Thus, this look will definitely make you stand out in the crowd!

A Flowy Cotton Dress with Brown Wedges

This outfit would be an ideal option for a brunch or a high tea with your girl gang. Brown shoes are a great pairing for your powdered blue flowy dress outfit as they give you a chic look. If these happen to match your skin tone, they tend to give your legs an elongated look. So either way, it’s a win-win combo.

A Pretty Lace Frock With Beige Pumps

An icy blue lace frock is perfect for a baby shower/ bridal shower or even a birthday lunch. These beige pumps would be perfect for this outfit as it would give you a graceful and royal look. You can never go wrong with beige pumps and these should be owned by every gal as they complement other bright colours too!

A Bodycon Dress with Our White Sneakers!

A baby blue bodycon dress and white sneakers will give you a simple, sophisticated look. You can never go wrong with white. As it is a simple pairing it is perfect for casual outings and will also give you comfort and style at the same time.

A Beautiful Silk Gown With Our Golden Heels

It would not necessarily be the first shoe hue that would pop into your head, but it is a great choice! As this combination would be flawless for a formal event or a pre-wedding party. As gold usually brings out any warm tones your dress might have.

We hope this blog helps you to plan your next outing outfit in blue. Find all the above shoes on our website. Start shopping now since it’s always an add to cart kind-of-a day!

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