Whether you are a corporate professional or a freelancer, we women need a variety of outfits to don everyday constituting what is called the “work wear wardrobe”.While you may have your clothing figured out,we know it’s a dilemma on what shoes to wear with what outfit and what makes up for an acceptable office pair.We’re here to give you a little guide on what shoes you should invest in to build your work shoe wardrobe, with specially curated comfortable pairs because we know there are high chances you are going to be on your feet all day or will be hopping from one meeting to the next or will be frantically running from pillar to post to meet your deadlines!

Raise your hands if you a part of the “Flats only” club! If you are someone for whom comfort takes precedence over everything then a pair of stylish moccasins is a must buy. Not only will they match your fitted trousers and shirt but also are perfect if you are a freelancer not having any strict dress codes. This will be a perfect pair to don with flared bottoms or semi-casual dresses while you sit in a cafe ideating. The minimal gold detailing in this classic pair from Sole Head will ensure they match with your minimal jewellery.

The next pair of shoes which are an essential- are a pair of a black kitten heels. These kind of shoes lend an air of sophistication to your work outfit whether it’s a narrow fitted trouser with a tucked- in blouse or a sleek pencil skirt or an A-line formal fitted dress. Next time you have an important presentation where you need to impress a particularly difficult client you know what pair to grab! Once you slip into these heels you’ll instantly feel powerful, radiate girl boss vibes and eventually woo everyone with your great ideas!

Is it even work if there are no casual Fridays, team lunches and festive celebrations? We guess not! Surely you don’t want to dress too formal (read: boring) like the usual days. We suggest going with a flared skirt in silk or a chic not-too-loud skater dress to jazz up things. And for shoes we recommend these versatile navy wedges which will match most colours and silhouettes. The wedges will keep you comfortable all day to mingle at parties and events while making you look like a million dollars with that towering height and striking navy colour!

When we talk about formals we surely can’t forget Indian Formals which are so popular because they are very relaxed and easy to carry all day. If you are someone who wears kurtas, salwarkameez or sarees frequently to work, you need a pair of semi-ethnic flats in your collection. These flats by Sole Head are perfect to get because they are very minimal, pair beautifully with a riot of colours usually common in Indian wear and come with a beautiful faux diamond gemstone to upgrade your desi look.

If you are a minimalist and hate having to choose different shoes every day, we suggest getting the featuredtan flats. They are very easy on the soles, can be worn with Western & Indian formals and are aesthetically apt for the office.

Hope this guide was helpful and we helped you save time avoiding browsing endless pages for the ideal pair. Order them in next your coffee break only from Sole Head.

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